Equine Sarcoids are the most common type of skin tumor  in horses. They are rarely life-threatening but can compromise function, and cause irritation. Bovine papillomavirus is considered to be the main cause of these tumors. Sarcoids may be transmitted by direct contact from shared grooming equipment and tack and possibly spread by common flies..

There is evidence to support the view that sarcoids are initiated by a viral infection. This theory explains how sarcoids first appear and how they spread. Some genetic families appear particularly susceptible to developing sarcoids more readily than others, but there is no difference in susceptibility between horses of different coat colors. Some breeds may be more susceptible than others.

  • Various Treatment for sarcoids:
  • Freezing
  • Surgical removal
  • Ligatures or rubber rings
  • Chemotherapy

These will all depend on the location and size of the sarcoids, and if they are considered to be a source of irritation to the horse. My own personal treatment has been to use a product called “Weleda Wart Paint” which is a formulation of Thuja + Equine Sarcoid Homeopathy. Whatever treatment you choose, please check with your vet to look at all options available. Also, ensure that all tack or grooming tools are disinfected after use.