Wellness CoachingAssertiveness/Boundary/anxiety Coaching; Rebuilding the self after abusive relationships
1.5 hour comprehensive holistic assessment3 sessions package

This entails going over (in detail) nutrition, lifestyle, environmentals that are
affecting day-to-day life. How to optimize nutrition/healing for best outcomes. Can be done in the office or by phone


Do you want to take control of your life and become empowered?
From 1 – 3 sessions, regain yourself and become who you are meant to be.

For People

QHHT – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy QHHT Followup Sessions
in person only
2 hour F/U QHHT session
$339 (4 hours)

Hypnotherapy session to seek guidance from your
higher to release blockages. Session is taped for your use. The goal is to visit different times/place to gather information which may be helpful to identify and resolve issues which affect this current life.
(onsite or office – travel extra)

$165 (2 hours)

Followup sessions – please inquire
(onsite or office – travel extra)

For Animals

EMT (Electromagnetic) Remote Healing
For Animals
Holistic Herbal/Homeopathic/Nutritional ConsultBowen Therapy/AccupressureBowen therapy
24 Hour Running Program
1 Hour

Half Hour

3 sessions
over 30 days

24 hour radionics program
for healing
(photo/written intent needed)

$200 – 1 hour
$120 – half hour

Analyzing all health concerns, animal
communications, vet prognosis to come up with natural care plan moving forward for your pet. This
includes energy work that may be needed


Taranaki wide

Onsite only
(travel extra)


1 maintenance session
(travel extra)